White woman’s dilemma

Right about now, pretty much everyone in the US, and the world, knows that sexual harassment is a lingering stench that will not go away anytime soon.
The #metoo movement started and failed. Right off the bat, a negro named Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual predation and is about to be sentenced soon. The “US justice system” always makes sure to have a Negro as a precedent. It’s no wonder that so far, the perfect poster boys of sexual predation, white middle-aged and old fart males, have been free to continue the behavior that started in the icy caves of the Caucasus mountains. Just like in the caves, there is not much to do in the down time. Harvey Weinsten, Donald J. Trump and countless of other lily-white super predators are free.
The #metoo movement is a joke, another failed attempt by white women at complaining about their white men. Yes, complaining about the same predators who have denied them the right to equality, the right to vote, the right to decide about anything related to their own wombs, are a waste of time, since the women are founding out they are also properties of the massa. From the time they emerged from the icy caves of the Caucasus mountains, these leprous cancers have terrorized the entire planet, denying their own women their  basic rights, conducting genocide, raping women, lynching Negroes, slaughtering Native people, while spreading the most vile propaganda on the planet to absolve themselves. It’s always them. How long will this be allowed to flow? A toilet flushes for so long.

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