Why I don’t vote

Every time I planned on voting, one of my chickens got pregnant and I ended up staying home. There are 88 pregnant chickens right now in my yard. My time is better spent taking care of my livestock than wasted in a system where it can NEVER be proven to have counted. 1) Only lawyers and morons from a select group of millionaires can run for office. 2) Countless of idiots, who dance to the polls, still believe they are very high on the list of personal friends these politicians care about. 3) From gerrymandering to downright fraud, to misleading ads, to candidates who don’t have to talk about the issues, this system is for the birds. There is NO WAY to verify that a vote counted. And don’t anyone come to tell me that I can not complain if I don’t vote. Then I will refer you to George Carlin’s skit on voting.

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