Heroes of the Holocaust

We often imagine that the Germans were solely responsible for the identification and deportation of Jews and others to the death camps. The truth, however, is that a number of Jews worked under the Nazis and helped to identify thousands of their fellow men for deportation to the death camps. An eye for an eye states that Stalin deliberately picked Jews as camp commandants in the knowledge they would show little mercy to the inmates.
Up to 80,000 people are believed to have died as a result of torture, deprivation, and starvation in post-World War II concentration camps, all of which were headed by Jewish commandants.
Solomon Morel was the commandant of a death camp at Swietochlowice, Poland after World War II. The camp’s population included many innocent Polish men, women, and children of German descent whose homes, businesses and belongings had been seized by Jewish communist authorities. The victims were then herded into numerous concentration camps, one at Swietochlowice.
Morel was indicted in 1994 by a Polish court and ordered to face charges of “crimes against humanity.” Among the crimes the Jewish commandant allegedly committed: murders by bashing the heads of babies against stone walls; bludgeoning inmates to death with stools and clubs; inflicting extreme pain by forcing objects up inmates’ anus; forcing women and children to parade around nude in subfreezing temperatures; making inmates eat human feces; and starving people to death.
Upon his indictment, Solomon Morel, assisted by the Israeli government, fled to Tel Aviv, Israel where he has been hiding out. American television’s 60 Minutes program tracked him down and located Morel in that city. His whereabouts are known to the Israeli authorities.
Abraham Gancwajch (1902–1943), born in Częstochowa, Poland, was a prominent Nazi collaborator in the Warsaw Ghetto during the occupation of Poland in World War II, and a Jewish “kingpin” of the ghetto underworld. He first became a Nazi collaborator as a leader of the Hashomer Hatzair, delivering weekly intelligence reports to the Germans. Abraham Gancwajch was an all-out supporter of the Nazis.
He was also a proponent of the Nazi Madagascar Plan of creating an autonomous place of settlement for all Jews under the protection of the Third Reich in one of the overseas countries.
In 1942, Gancwajch reemerged outside the ghetto on the Aryan side in Warsaw, where he and other members of his group, pretending to be Jewish underground fighters, were hunting for Poles hiding or otherwise supporting the Jews. Gancwajch formed a notorious gang called Group 13, also referred to as the Jewish Gestapo. The things they did are so despicable that even fellow Nazi Jews like Czerniakow described Gancwajch as an evil, ugly man who would do anything for a life of luxury.
He was also the leader of the infamous Żagiew, a Gestapo-sponsored Jewish organization. He is also known to have tried to sabotage attempts at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Calel Perechodnik, according to his memoirs, developed a hatred for the Jews and himself, blaming them for the way they were treated. He said that other nations hated the Jews because they claimed to be a chosen race.
Jozef Andrzej Szerynski did not like being a Jew. After fighting in the Russian army during World War I, he tried to distance himself from the Jews by changing his birth name from Josef Szynkman to Jozef Andrzej Szerynski.
During World War II, he was appointed the head of the police in the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw. The Gestapo charged him with identifying Jews for deportation to the death camps.
Szerynski executed his duty without any hesitation, leading thousands of men, women, and children to the Treblinka extermination camp.
Adam Czerniakow was born in Poland and worked as an engineer for most of his life. When the Nazis took over Poland, he was appointed head of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. Czerniakow headed the 24-man Warsaw council that was charged with the identification and capture of Jews for deportation.
Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski was a Polish Jew appointed by the Nazis as the head of the Jewish Council of Elders in Lodz Ghetto. There, he was the most influential and powerful man. He even made his own currency called Chaimki with his face on it.
Referred to by some people as “King Chaim the Terrible,” Rumkowski personally oversaw the handover of more than 20,000 children, elderly, and sick Jews to the Nazis for deportation to the extermination camps.
Alfred Nossig is described as a man with a brilliant mind who studied law, science, and art. He encouraged Jews to try to assimilate as Polish citizens. But when he discovered that the Poles did not want to accept the Jews as Polish, Nossig became a Zionist.
Later, when the Germans invaded Poland during World War II, Nossig became an undercover agent for the Gestapo and produced regular reports about activities of the Jewish underground which he delivered to the Gestapo. The Jewish underground later found out about his activities and executed him.
Among the documents found at his home after the execution were a Gestapo identity card and a list of Jews engaged in anti-Nazi activities. It is believed that the identity card made it easy for him to get access to his Nazi bosses without being arrested and deported.
Ans van Dijk was born to Jewish parents in the Netherlands. There, she lived a fairly normal life until the invasion by the German forces. At the height of the Nazi operations, she was arrested; but she was released on the condition that she would help the Nazi Intelligence find other Jews in hiding.
Van Dijk infiltrated the Jewish resistance and pretended to help families and individuals escape or obtain false papers. In reality, she would just deliver them to the Nazis for deportation. She executed this duty without any favor, going as far as trapping her brother and his family.
Stella Goldschlag was a paid “catcher” for the Nazis. She had studied in a Jewish school and lived in the Jewish ghetto. Therefore, she knew a number of fellow Jews who were hiding underground in Germany.
Peter Wayden, her biographer, describes her as charming and beautiful. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she hardly looked like a Jew. According to her biography, Goldschlag was arrested with her parents as they tried to leave Germany. She was tortured until she agreed to help catch fellow Jews in hiding.
The Nazis knew how much she loved her parents and that she would do anything to keep them alive. But it is also recorded that she was offered 300 reichsmarks as payment for every Jew she caught. Even after her parents were sent to a concentration camp, she continued to catch Jews for the Nazis.
Rolf Isaaksohn offered to work as a catcher for the Gestapo. He bragged that he could fill a whole train with Jews for deportation. After he married fellow catcher Stella Goldschlag, they were even more effective together than the Gestapo at arresting Jews in hiding.
Isaaksohn had a talent for forging documents. This brought many Jews to him for assistance, and he would easily hand them over. This is a man who actually loved betraying his own people, and many Jews lived in fear of Mr. and Mrs. Isaaksohn.
Moshe Merin was impulsive and unstable. Merin volunteered himself to the Nazis when they invaded Poland and presented himself as the leader of the Sosnowiec Community Council.
The Nazis installed Merin as the leader of the Central Office of the Jewish council in East Upper Silesia, which put as many as 100,000 Jews under him. Merin believed that he could save the lives of other Jews by following the orders of the Nazis. When he was asked to choose 25,000 Jews for deportation, he gladly did, arguing that at least he had saved a greater percentage.
Working with the Jewish Ghetto Police, Merin fought the underground resistance and personally signed the execution warrants of those arrested.

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