The news is out: [In an unprecedented effort to diffuse lingering questions about her heritage ahead of a possible presidential bid, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday released the results of a DNA test that the Massachusetts Democrat said proves she has a Native American in her ancestry.
The test, conducted by Stanford University professor Carlos D. Bustamante, a leading authority on genetic ancestry, showed “the vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry is European, but also “strong evidence” that Warren’s DNA sample reveals a Native American in her family tree “six to 10 generations ago.”]
Elizabeth Warren released her DNA test, Obama released his birth certificate, Trump has NOT released his tax returns.

-The good: this shows that Trump is able to play these politicians like a fiddle.
-The bad: this is the same old European MO, “attack, attack, attack strategy so your opponent can never request anything from you.”
-The ugly: Someone’s ancestors raped Native Americans.

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