Racism= ignorance

The news is out: Megyn Kelly is under siege at 30 Rock. Her comments about wearing blackface for Halloween have been denounced by her colleagues on air. And now the man who lured her to NBC News with a $69 million deal has slammed her to company employees. 69 million to display her ignorance.                                                                              NBC stars Al Roker and Craig Melvin had called Kelly’s comments “ignorant” and “racist” and demanded a “bigger apology” on the Today show. Megyn Kelly does better in interviews with Russian president Vladimir Putin and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
On Wednesday’s show, Savannah Guthrie called the situation “uncomfortable” while Al Roker didn’t hold back: “The fact is, while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color round the country,” he said on-air. Craig Melvin called Kelly’s comments “indefensible.”

Megyn Kelly is another white supremacist, back pedaling, after a powerful showing of her ignorance. And this is not her first rodeo, as her stupidity was previously displayed in her racist comments about Jesus and Santa. Once again, the common thread between these Proto-Aryans, these mutations of Dravidian albinos, remains the absolute refusal to accept facts, reality and common sense.

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