Jesus saves

Just in case Christians needed another sign, the news is out: A seven-alarm fire that tore through a 150-year-old church in Massachusetts miraculously spared a painting of Jesus Christ, WFXT reports. The piece of artwork, which hung near the front doors of First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Mass., somehow survived the massive blaze, which was likely caused by a lightning strike, completely unscathed.
Shocking footage of the fire shared on social media shows the church engulfed in heavy smoke and flames. As firefighters battle the growing inferno, part of the church’s 180-foot spire can be seen toppling over.
This is a clear message from your lord Jesus. He couldn’t save himself from the cross; but now, he not taking any more from his father, lightning or otherwise. He is not coming back.
And the obvious: If I burned a church down and left one painting, I would be arrested for arson. God does it, and it’s a miracle.

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