A cult of murder

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.

The news is out: The family of a teenager who went missing in Italy in 1983 called Wednesday on the Vatican to provide more details on the discovery of human remains in one of its properties. The bones were uncovered on Monday by builders refurbishing a building owned by the Vatican in Rome, the Holy See said, in a potential breakthrough for police investigating one of Italy’s darkest mysteries. Since the grisly find, Italian media have been rife with speculation that they could shed light on the fate of one or possibly two teenagers who went missing in the 1980s. “We will ask Rome prosecutors and the Holy See how the bones were found and why their discovery has been linked to the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi or Mirella Gregori,” the Orlandi’s family lawyer, Laura Sgro, told the media. Emanuela Orlandi was the daughter of a member of the Vatican’s police, and was last seen on June 22, 1983 when leaving a music class.
The remains were discovered in a building in the leafy grounds of the Holy See’s embassy to Italy. The property had been left to the Vatican in 1949 by a Jewish businessman who belonged to the Nazi party before the introduction of racial laws in Italy, and later converted to Catholicism, according to Italian media.
It is amazing that the pedophile cult can get away with murder, with the help of all the western nations. The murder of Emanuela Orlandi was covered in my books in the chapter about the crimes of the Catholic sect.
It’s a good sign that the pedophile club will have to answer to this murder (maybe), but then, what about the other numerous murders and assassinations? The Magdalene laundries, the Canadian Indigenous children, the babies born to nuns who were raped during the ceremony from white to black veil, the connections with the mafia, and the list goes on, and on, and on, as long as their God’s murderous deeds. What can be expected of a cult whose idol and lord has slaughtered over 25 millions innocent lives just in the Old Testament?
(“Tyrants are willing to commit to anything…including mass murder to maintain their domination over every human being alive. They abuse the lives of the people they are entrusted with by the perverse dictates that they, themselves, would never live by. And they feel justified in this by their own self-righteous elite morality, which sets them high above everyone else in their own minds”. R.G. Risch)

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