Voting? Hell no.

Congratulations on casting your vote and doing your civic duty. I wish I could have been there with you, but I don’t roll over or sit on command. I also do not want to be associated with companies sending racist robocalls to my personal phone, and, I definitely refuse, with every cell in my body, to condone a white supremacist German terrorist removing soldiers from their families for a political stunt at the Mexican border. The military should be treated a lot better. I will not be an instrument to aid and abet maggots who are dwelling in muck. I have better aspirations for myself. This country was a beautiful place before the invasion of 1492; have you looked at it lately? A cesspool of mud slinging pigs. “But as my grandmother told me, never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it.”
Your vote counts, and, thanks to you, the country should start improving immediately, now that the elections are over. At long last, we can safely go back to our national pastimes: eating, shopping, yapping on our beloved smart phones and wearing sneakers with lights in them, while we sleep at a green traffic light and drive through red lights.
As a direct result of your vote, the legislative and judicial branches will stop taking bribes, the executive branch will renounce white supremacy, tone down the racism, put down the nooses and find a place to order some common sense. But, most of all, lobbyists and companies will stop owning the politicians, enacting laws and imposing their will on “We the people”. Thus, thanks to patriots like you, the nation is ensured that no single person or entity has a monopoly on power, just like the Founding Fathers designed and instituted with the system of checks and balances.
Whatever the cost of your vote may be, and trust reason and common sense that it came at a cost, you did what you were brainwashed to do. Your vote could not be bought, yet many companies are richer because of your vote. Do you know how many billions are spent in this phony rigged election where only millionaires need apply? Sure there are a couple of non-millionaires, do you think they will care about you after the elections? Nothing will change, hopefully you will not be too sad when you realize that, a few months from now.
The American voters and taxpayers are used to wearing their panties around their ankles, while bending over. As a matter of fact, the American patriots would feel unloved, and would be very disappointed if they couldn’t feel the government behind them. Now that you have voted, don’t forget to wash up.

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