Election and voting manipulation

Freely provided, intelligently presented information liberates us all. The adage “too stupid to know and too dumb to ask” should not be a part of today’s world.

However, we live in a society where deception can bring in a lot of cash, especially during the election process. President Trump said he tells the truth “when I can.”
So political campaigns are using marketing, manipulation, and “psychographic targeting” to win elections. That’s when the Russians are not being blamed. Claiming a win over Russian plans to hack US politicians, Microsoft unveils a new security service to detect attacks expected in the lead-up to the midterms. With just 2 days to go before the midterm elections, they haven’t found any evidence yet of direct Russian interference in the 2018’s races.
On the other side of the coin: Cambridge Analytica used people’s personal information purchased from Facebook* to identify Americans’ subconscious biases and craft political messages designed to trigger their anxieties, and thereby influence their political decisions. It is a marketing technique, known as “psychographics”, that exploits people’s vulnerabilities and psychological proclivities.
(*Note: Facebook sold the personal information of its users, and their friends.)
Digital advertising soared ahead of the midterm elections, as candidates, political parties and outside groups adopt new ways to target voters, including the millennials who make up a growing share of the US population. Television advertising still dominates the political landscape, accounting for a little more than half of the $8.9 billion in advertising that forecaster Borrell Associates says voters will see by Election Day. But nothing is growing faster than digital, which allows politicians to tailor their messages to voters who volunteer reams of information about their lives and political leanings on social-media platforms, such as Facebook.
The 2018 elections are a major battleground for information warfare, where coordinated misinformation campaigns focus not just on individual candidates but also the electoral system itself. Something that has transformed the system into an actual outhouse.
Voter suppression also rages on as some states have become far more aggressive in purging voter rolls since the Supreme Court struck down aspects of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder.
Georgia, in particular, is facing ongoing lawsuits for voter suppression over Kemp’s practices. Other states have drawn national scrutiny for moving polling places miles out of town or implementing voter ID laws that disproportionately affect certain communities. Blacks in the US are still considered 3/5 of a human and are the only group which had to fight for their civil rights.

Spreading misinformation and uncertainty about elections is another unfortunate electoral tradition, whether it’s by candidates, parties, or more anonymous actors. Historically, these tactics often target specific communities, such as robocall campaigns intended to suppress the black vote or fake flyers distributed on college campuses or in communities of color.
So we are saddled with racist groups like “the voter participation center*”, which are raking in billions of dollars, peddling the election process.
(*Note: The Voter Participation Center is a terrorist group exposed in one of my books.)
The supervisors of election owe the American voters many explanations and clarifications for not doing the job they are getting paid to do.

On a totally ridiculous note, what can be expected of morons who have less than 2 drunk brain cells fighting over the couch? Case in point: Armed bands of civilian militia members are traveling to the southern U.S. border, where President Donald Trump has ordered thousands of active-duty troops to rebuff the approaching migrant caravan. About “200 unregulated armed militia members are currently operating along the southwest border“says a planning document for Army commanders leading the 5,200 troops Trump has deployed at the border, according to Newsweek. The groups “operate under the guise of citizen patrols supporting” border officials, the document says, pointing out “reported incidents of unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.” These racist maggots dumber than door knobs and rocks. The caravan is about 800 miles from the nearest crossing point into the US border; it is traveling at about 20 to 30 miles a day at a walking pace. The idiots got an F when they failed the basic “if a train travels 20 miles per hour, how long will it take to go from Boston, Ma to Portland, Maine which is 108 miles away?” Their answer: right now.

But let’s give Trump and the militia a well deserved break: being stupid is not against the law.

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