Brian hates Stacey

The news is out: [There is a core Republican message regarding Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia’s gubernatorial election: Be afraid. Be very afraid. “Defend yourself. Defeat Abrams,” says an ad from the National Rifle Association, in big red-and-white letters. Abrams’s policies “should scare you to death,” said her opponent, Republican Brian Kemp. “A lot of bad things will happen” if Abrams is elected Tuesday, President Trump said in a rally on Sunday with Kemp. Trump’s entire midterm election message is based around motivating his base to get to the polls by using fear. He has dedicated most of his message to raising alarms about a caravan of migrants in Mexico that is in reality hundreds of miles away from the U.S. border.]
HISTORY is very scary when you have been at the wrong end of a rope. Brian Kemp and Donald Trump are dreaming of the days of the Confederacy. The South could not rise again, even if you pump it full of Viagra.
Stacey Abrams’ people were captured, sold, enslaved, beaten, murdered, exterminated, robbed, raped, humiliated, lynched, separated, and oppressed yet we still keep surviving, uprising, unifying, multiplying, progressing, dominating, still singing, shining, smiling and still have Mother Nature’s favor.
The oppressors were Christian terrorists, of Brian Kemp and Donald Trump’s ilk, who were following an ongoing mandate from their gods. Today, the delusional morons still maintain: “As Christians we have the strength, the power, the wisdom, the insight and the ability to do all God wants us to do.”                                                                                  Once again, a black woman has to face the same racism that her ancestors endured, for no other reason than her black skin. Once again, and let’s be honest about it,  the white terrorists are still using the same methods that worked so great for them when they were raping black women. Except today, the good people of Georgia will not stand for bigotry.
All leaders should be held accountable when their irrational ideas turn harmful. You can’t preach freedom and deny it to someone else. You can’t preach liberty and deny it to someone else. You can’t preach justice and deny it to someone else. You can’t preach tolerance when all you have is bigotry.

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