Like I said before

It’s Election Day: Will your vote count?
[The news is out: After four months of reporting on the security and integrity of U.S. elections, Grant Burningham, host of the Yahoo News podcast “Bots & Ballots,” has come away with misgivings as to whether our votes will count in Tuesday’s midterm elections.
“Unfortunately, the best answer I can give you is: I hope so,” Burningham said in the final episode before Tuesday’s votes are tallied, adding: “I have serious concerns about the cybersecurity aspects of our election, at least in several states.” Georgia’s election system, which will decide the fate of a high-stakes gubernatorial race, is a particular concern.]
The circus is coming to an end. Waiting to finally reclaim my life: taking my dog to the neighbor’s lawn, waiting at green traffic lights for a different shade, running red ones, eating GMO food, yapping on my smart phone, and most of all, wearing my sneakers with lights in them.

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