2018 elections, the aftermath

While voter suppression was used to silence black voices, let’s all remember that Native Americans are NOT allowed to vote in their country.
I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the rigged midterm elections. If your candidate won, good for you. Hip-hip hooray. Thanks to you, the country should start improving immediately. Companies, special interests, lobbyists will no longer have a hold on the government they bought and control, and the officials you have just elected will continue to do what’s good for the people. If your candidate lost, don’t be gloomy, the circus will be back in town soon enough. Hold your head up high and pout. God works in delirious ways.
As you know by now, I value my time too much to waste it on politics. I was way too busy to vote, besides the fact that I couldn’t see myself choosing between people I have nothing in common with. Most of all, I didn’t want to vote “for” candidates because of their skin color and I didn’t want to vote “against” candidates because they were jackbooted skinhead Nazi Confederate supremacists. The only person I would vote for is Rudabeh Shahbazi of CBS4 and she wasn’t running. She was sitting down. So, I stayed busy at home comforting my chickens; most of them are pregnant. I also had a good night sleep, since I stayed up to 9pm to watch “Married at first sight”. This morning, with love in my heart, I had a beer to celebrate all, winners and losers. And, I am smiling because I have a little something to show for my choice: a nice omelet.

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