Turkey talk

“People are starting to understand it’s not natural to grow turkeys up to 30 pounds,” said Ariane Daguin, co-founder and owner of D’Artagnan LLC, a wholesale and e-commerce food company in Union, New Jersey. “In general, that means they were penned up with no room to move around, and that’s why they’re fat like that.”

(NO. It means the birds are fed more antibiotics, growth hormones, and assorted chemicals to take them from an egg to whatever weight is desired within the required time. The “no room to move” is also a lie since the birds grow so fast that they can’t move.)

“The first Thanksgiving had plenty of turkey but also venison on the table,” Daguin said. “It’s a traditional meat.”

(When I think of the first Thanksgiving, “plenty of turkey but also venison on the table” is not what comes to mind; but rather the slaughter of the Native Americans, the pillage of their villages, the theft of their harvest. The flesh of many Native children were fed to dogs on that first Thanksgiving.)

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