Jakelin is home again

The news is out: The tiny white coffin carrying the body of the 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died while in U.S. custody ended its somber journey home in the pre-dawn hours Monday in a dusty hamlet 220 miles north of the capital.
Villagers wept and watched curiously as the body arrived at the home of Jakelin Caal’s grandparents in San Antonio Secortez, where relatives had set up a modest wooden altar flanked by vases and overflowing with flowers, photographs of the child and the hand-lettered message, “We miss you.”
The girl’s mother, Claudia Maquin, closed her eyes and moaned deeply. Reaching into the coffin, she caressed the child’s hair, which was decorated with a white diadem. As the heartbreaking reality appeared to set in, the 27-year-old covered her face and cried.
White balloons hung from the wooden rafters, some with handwritten messages such as “We love you Jakelin.”
As I sit here reading the shocking comments on Yahoo, I cannot help but ask how the death of an innocent little girl can benefit the lives of the maggots bashing her. What has her death done for the good of the US? What good has her death done for the betterment of your society? To all you psychopaths, blaming the parents, your parents did the same thing.

If your grandfather stole a bicycle, and your father inherited and rode the bicycle you are riding now, that doesn’t make it your own. It is still a stolen bicycle.

This is NOT your land. It will never be. And one glorious day, you will be evicted from our land. You are not and will never be AMERICANS, you are only squatters in America.

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