Biblical stupidity part 148

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

The bible is a book which brags about God’s great achievements: murder, rape, slavery, child abuse, child sacrifice, degradation of women, gang rape, incest, sodomy, torture, plagues, genocide, many absurdities, injustice, cruelty, conflicts with science, demented family values, more insults to women, sexual references, false prophecies, all wrapped in shocking language. The above statement is documented in chapters and verses to glorify the murders of 25 million innocent people perpetrated by a stupidly criminal God hell bent on creating a perfect tribe.

Believers are just pretenders, a rare breed of people who found happiness and comfort in the utmost crippling stupidity. The Christian poster boy is a Southern Baptist, a maggot who doesn’t flinch when the leaders rape 3 year old babies. A true believer is supposed to listen and obey God’s word, but, in today’s world, whatever your pastor says or does becomes the word of God.

According to the word of God, if you don’t teach your children that the earth is flat and 6000 years old, you failed as a parent. If you don’t teach your kids that the earth has corners, pillars, edges and foundations, you are not raising them the right way. If you don’t teach your kids they can pray to freeze the whole universe and stop the planets from moving, you are not a good parent. If you don’t teach your kids to enslave others, you are a bad parent. If you don’t teach your kids to kill people they find working on the Sabbath, you just flunk parenting 101. If you don’t teach your kids to butcher innocent little babies in their cribs, you are not doing your job. If you don’t stone your mouthy kid to death, you are doomed to spend eternity in hell, roasting your cojones in Satan’s barbecue joint. And don’t worry if you don’t have cojones, God will give you some.

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