February 14th

Today is Valentine’s day, or at least that’s what someone decided. Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay. It must feel pretty pathetic to show up in front of our loved one today, one of many bearing a dozen of overpriced flowers and a box of cheap chocolate. What happened to us?
All because a few companies got together to fleece us. They are using our natural feelings to force another sale on us. And they made it real easy by picking the day and marking it on a calendar. And just like that, we let go of our common sense and downgrade the feeling for our loved ones.
Since when do we need a selected day to show our love? Since when it was up to a company to tell us to care? Since when do we need to be reminded to love one another?
Bringing flowers and chocolate, on what should be another day of love, is ridiculous. It only serves the companies watching us overpay for their flowers and fight over the last box of chocolate on the shelf. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.
We must take a little step toward reason. We must send a message to the companies that our love is NOT FOR SALE. These companies have no rights to control our feelings. Flowers and chocolate are for every single day, by our choice, because we love our family every single day.
But, with all due respect and I mean it in the nicest possible way, we are also free to be stupid and act like sheep going to the financial slaughterhouse.

3 thoughts on “February 14th”

  1. You could use this same article for all holidays, just change the name and dates. My favorite is Easter – watching Christians flock to the store to buy chocolate eggs, so they can pass them off to their children as presents from an egg-laying rabbit, on the holiest of Christian holidays. Priceless.


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