A closet full of bones

The news is out: [VATICAN CITY (AP) — The head organizer of the Vatican’s sex abuse summit has met with an Irish activist who is seeking to draw attention to another issue the Vatican has long sought to keep quiet: the plight of children of priests.
Archbishop Charles Scicluna, for years the Vatican’s sex crimes investigator, met Tuesday with Vincent Doyle, the child of a priest. Through his advocacy and self-help group Coping International, Doyle has sought to compel Catholic leaders to acknowledge the issue of priests’ children and the psychological and emotional impact the church’s enforced secrecy has on them and their mothers.
In a statement, Scicluna said the issue needed to be addressed and the children of priests acknowledged.]
What most people do not know is that priests are allowed to keep their kids and sometimes move in with their mistresses. They receive no punishment except to keep it as quiet as possible.

Children born to nuns are murdered and no one will step forward to address the issue. As I wrote in my books, nuns are raped during the ceremony from white to black veil, as they become the brides of the church. Priests violently rape them; as a result, many get pregnant. The Catholic church will not talk about it.

And as a society, we find that okay. Just the same as we find “defrocking” a child molester to be enough punishment. Defrocking means that the priest can not open his arms like Dracula, at the altar. That’s not a punishment.

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