Biblical stupidity part 395

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

It’s time for the #metoo movement to move from empty words to action. Look into the plight of the Catholic nuns who are still being oppressed and raped every single day.

Nobody wants to talk about the taboo subject of pregnant nuns. Their babies are murdered and disposed of, usually buried under the convent.

The convent is a holy whorehouse for horny priests (not many heterosexuals here). The nuns are usually raped during the ceremony from white to black veil, when they are consecrated as brides of the church. The forced sexual act is to ratify that they want to devote their lives to the church. During the rite, the women are also stripped of their legal names and receive a new untraceable status to reflect their new place in God’s harem. That lost of identity is the gravest danger the nuns are subjected to, because it keeps them from getting help if they need to be rescued. Even the natural families are kept in the dark.

The charade and abuse of women will go on, as Christians continue to support the beast. After all, the rules come from a God who doesn’t condemn rape or slavery.

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