Biblical stupidity part 427

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

It seems that no matter where I go or what I do, someone is always trying to recruit me in their cult or sect. And anyone who has listened to me for 5 minutes knows how much I cherish a good religious discussion and hate organized religion. It was no different yesterday when, for whatever reason, a devoted Christian friend decided to start my conversion to her cult and “save my soul.” She initiated a short conversation which promptly exposed our divergent opinions on religion. It started when she implied that I should write my blog in support of religion; but first, I should “ask her God to come into my life”. My reply was polite, quick and painless: “I am not the kind to indulge in delusion, bow to fairies or join a cult; I don’t talk to the voices in my head, and I am sure not going to speak to the ones in your head”.
In the next volley, I informed her that she should show me a copy of my transgressions before accusing me of being a sinner. I questioned her statement that a bird (the holy spirit) could get the virgin Mary pregnant. When she opined that Jesus gave his life for my sins, I asked for proof (she didn’t have) and provided the biblical verses which clearly related that Jesus didn’t want to die for anyone’s sins.
I followed up with a few pertinent questions about her religion, designed to get her to use her mind, think and start on the road to discover the many biblical fallacies and absurdities. She listened to every one of my words, yet somehow I could feel she was a lost cause.

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