Biblical stupidity part 455

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

The biblical authors were blooming idiots who couldn’t even get their stories straight; and if they were inspired by their God, then he is also a super idiot. That’s why the bible came out with so many absurdities; so many, that Satan ended up looking better than their God.
An example is the biblical Exodus. What kind of drugs were the writers indulging in, when they wrote that the Israelites were enslaved during their free, all inclusive vacation in Egypt? Was the Christian God hallucinating on mushroom tea when he inspired that his chosen people walked out of Egypt through the Red Sea?
In today’s world, we find lots of shysters peddling immortality, yet no one has stepped forward with any evidence or proof that someone can say, see or know what happens after death.
It’s mind blowing that a few of us, apparently, have made many trips to the deeper end of ignorance.

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