Daylight Saving Time

DST stands for dumb, stupid, trivial.
The country springs into daylight saving time early Sunday morning, when most Americans will move their clocks forward by one hour. But some states are moving to join Hawaii and most of Arizona to opt out of a system that was established more than 100 years ago.
California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are among the states talking about staying on standard time permanently.
A day is a day, with so many hours of darkness and so many of light. It’s a hard reality that no powerful king or brilliant philosopher has ever found a way around. And yet, every year, bless our hearts, we try.
But many people are saying it’s time for time to be left alone. State legislatures from New England to the West Coast are considering proposals to end the leaping, clock-shifting confusion of hours lost or gained, and the conundrums it can create.
Could 8 a.m. somehow, somewhere in the universe, really still be 8 a.m., even if now you’re suddenly calling it 9?
The last time I checked, noon was when the sun was directly overhead. So go figure.

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