My stand

Parents are great and loving, unfortunately they can also be wrong. While I cherish and adore my mom and dad, I don’t follow blindly in their footsteps. They taught me many priceless principles, yet told me about monsters under the bed, knowing they were not real.
I passionately hate Judaism (Zionism) and Islam (Arabism) for starting the slavery of Africans, in 550AD. Was it worth it to waste another human so you could have what you think is an easier life?
I have no respect for Christianity and Islam for the same reason they didn’t have any respect for the millions of innocent people they slaughtered. Was it worth it to burn another human alive at the stakes or destroy Africa, so you could satisfy your hallucination?
I feel pity for Atheism which only offers a gentle rebuttal mostly to the lunacies of Christianity and Judaism, with a rare polite occasional poke to Islam. If they had a better sense of morality, where were the atheists, among them, to stop the nightmare caused by the religious thugs?
At the same time, I don’t want these scourges to go away, because I want to point at them and show my grandchildren what genocidal jackasses look like. Every single day of my life, I want to be a thorn on the side of religion, until everyone is able to see the maggots for who they are. Every single day of my life, I want to use the bible to bash these lunatic criminals over the heads until they crawl back in their original caves.

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