Who dis?

(Excerpt from “Papa time” @Amazon.com/books)

In 1935, the Jews controlled everything in Germany, and Nazi propaganda was based on what the Zionists said. When they were told to back off, they refused; that’s why Germany fought back and took everything. The Jewish holocaust was a European problem, started by Europeans, against Europeans. And the thick slice of baloney in that infamous Jewish holocaust is that very few of the victims were of the Jewish persuasion.

Zionism is the North African extension of the European desire to dominate the world. Zionists are the same as any European, just as racist. Black American kids are forced to study the fake Jewish holocaust by a Jewish Academic mafia, but the black kids don’t have to learn about the MAAFA, or slavery which the Jews took part in at every levels. If you want to see a true holocaust survivor, look at every black man, woman and child.

The Jewish participation includes: investment in slave trading companies, ownership of slave ships (East and West India Companies), commercial activities as merchants who sold slaves upon their arrival from Africa on a large scale, and direct ownership of slaves. They provided the Arabs with male Africans who were castrated because they were destined to work in the harems. 60% of the kidnapped and castrated young Africans bled to death during the complete removal of their scrotums and penises. Since the Arabs couldn’t cut the mustard with the women, castration was the only way to keep the negroes from humping and pleasing the hoes.

Let’s keep in mind that Muslim slaveholders were entitled by law to the sexual enjoyment of their female slaves. African women bore them a host of children who were slaughtered. This abuse of African women would continue for nearly 1,200 years. 600 million peaceful negroes were butchered, despite the fact that Africans could have killed or overpowered a few thousands camel jockeys and hymies, when they were raiding Africa.

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