Another homegrown terrorist

The news is out: [The right-wing extremist charged over the horrifying attacks on New Zealand mosques flashed a white power gesture as he appeared in court Saturday, while a shell shocked community began digging graves for the 49 people he stands accused of slaying.
Australia-born 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant stood largely impassive in the dock wearing handcuffs and a white prison smock, as the judge read the first of what are expected to be a host of murder charges he is likely to face.
Flanked by armed police, the former personal fitness trainer gestured an upside-down “okay” — a symbol used by white power groups worldwide.
He did not request bail and was remanded in custody until an April 5 court appearance.
Outside the courtroom, Christchurch residents struggled to deal with the aftermath of what is thought to be the worst act of terror against Muslims in the West.]

The US is loaded with them. The US congress just passed a resolution against hate and not many are talking against white supremacy or domestic terrorism. Most are still receiving money from AIPAC, the #1 terrorist group in the world.
No matter how many times, how many of them, Brenton Tarrant remains just another average typical white man doing what white people have been doing since they left the icy caves of the Caucasus mountains.

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