Time to brag

The news is out: [Taking an low-dose aspirin every day to prevent a heart attack or stroke is no longer recommended for most older adults, according to guidelines released Sunday, 03-17-2019.
After doctors said for decades that a daily 75 to 100 milligrams of aspirin could prevent cardiovascular problems, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association just reversed that idea.
This change comes after a large clinical trial found a daily low-dose aspirin had no effect on prolonging life in healthy, elderly people, and actually suggested the pills could be linked to major hemorrhages.
Sunday’s recommendations say low-dose aspirin should not be given to prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease on a routine basis to adults older than 70 or any adult at an increased risk of bleeding.
“Clinicians should be very selective in prescribing aspirin for people without known cardiovascular disease,” Roger Blumenthal, co-chair of the new guidelines said in a statement. “It’s much more important to optimize lifestyle habits and control blood pressure and cholesterol as opposed to recommending aspirin.”]

I am not a doctor, do not play one on TV or behind the keyboard, yet I raised the red flag twice before about the dangers of aspirin. In 2015, in “Deadly faith”, I shared with the readers that it’s best to substitute cayenne pepper for aspirin. Again in 2016, in “2 burgers and a beer”, I clearly explained why no one should take aspirin, and once more recommended cayenne pepper instead. Finally, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association reached the conclusion that I was right all along.

I said many more things in my books.

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