Who is to say

Who is to say that believers are not playing a joke on everybody? Who is to say that they really and truly believe in their cloud dwelling fairy? Who can be sure that Christians truly believe in a God riding the waves of nothingness, before the biblical creation? Who is to say that Christians truly believe that Satan can possess a person for the sole purpose of using him/her as an interpreter, a human megaphone to convey his messages? How can a sermon be credible when the orator doesn’t have a clue about what he is talking about?
For all we know, Christians may go to church to socialize because they are lonely, don’t have many friends or hobbies. Maybe Christians have too much time on their hands and don’t need to spend anymore family time. Or it could be because they don’t want to spend a Sunday, bored to tears or death, listening to their family members. Remember your uncle Joe who came over the house on Sunday and wouldn’t just shut the heck up? Sorry, that’s a bad example because he will be in heaven, next to you, for eternity. Think about it.
Church may be the perfect place for an informal catwalk to show off the good clothes believers never get to wear. Or, Christians may be in transition, a group of mild mannered sadomasochists who like when someone puts them down as sinners and promises the devil will spank them in hell.
They may give their last dollar to the presiding crook, because they expect to, and have a firm belief, they will win the lottery on their way home. Maybe the thief keeps the donations as a user fee for his building.
There are many valid reasons why no one can really know for sure if Christians are really that stupid.

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