The color of Atheism

Atheism is the new religion. The world doesn’t need another “elitist club” to know how to dismiss the Torah, the Quran and the bible. What the world needs is a serious organization to put an immediate end to 2000 years of human genocide, to fight and keep the religious idiots from taking over the world’s governments. It is frightening to imagine these new evangelical Abraham armed with nuclear weapons and the rest of the world looking more like Isaac.
Atheism, just like the other cults, altered the history of the world to reflect and conform to the tenets of the religious agenda of white supremacy. Just another way to ignore any accomplishment of the black people, and keep supporting the inane hallucination that the civilized world started with the Romans, who were no more than well dressed thugs in mini dresses.
When the truth is manipulated, atheism becomes as believable as Judaism, Zionism, Christianity and Islam; just another angle to look at the same pile of manure.

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