US congress

The US congress is the only body, in the entire world, which can challenge and defeat a cesspool when it comes to contents.

In a real democracy, the people exercises its power by electing representatives from among themselves to form a governing body to protect the safety and well being of said people. With great power comes great responsibility. All actions of the government are regulated by a legal constitution, federal and accepted civil laws. All citizens are expected to benefit equally from agencies and programs created by the government they elected.

When the law favors the rich and powerful, then uses its illegal power to permeate different countries, a dysfunctional world ensues where people are abused and live in fear of their government or a central imperial master. The real threat to the national security of a country is not terrorism, but an abusive, greedy government riddled with corruption.

Greed creates corruption, and corruption creates more greed. It’s a vicious and destructive cycle. Many have succumbed to greed; it is harder and harder to find an honest politician, because what money cannot buy, money can usually rent.

When a greedy government, influenced by money from lobbyists, shows a conscious disregard for the welfare of the people and becomes willfully blind to their grievances, justice can no longer prevail or even exist. The citizenry gets screwed, the Constitution gets raped.

Justice is the finding of the truth. The truth cannot be selective. When the road to justice is polluted, certain people rise above the law. History has seen many such tyrants and genocidal lunatics at all levels of a dysfunctional society. There are cases after cases of madmen and madwomen slaughtering innocent people at the altar of their delusional utopia.

To all members of Congress, I say unequivocally: Your damn job is to attend to the business of the people. Do your FN job.

(Excerpt from “Dysfunctional humans”

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