Round-Up again

The news is out: [Bayer AG lost a second trial over claims its Roundup weed killer causes cancer, increasing pressure on the company to spend billions of dollars to settle thousands of similar lawsuits.
A jury in San Francisco federal court awarded compensatory damages of $5.3 million and punitive damages of $75 million to a 70-year-old California man who became ill after spraying the herbicide on his property for decades. Wednesday’s verdict follows a similar decision by a state court jury last summer, and comes as a third trial over Roundup is under way in Oakland, California.
“You can’t keep trying case after case after case and keep losing and say, ‘We’re not going to settle,” said Thomas G. Rohback, a trial lawyer at Axinn in New York. If Bayer continues to lose at trial, it “has to put the possibility of a settlement of these cases into the mix.”]
In 2015, Bayer was named in my book “Deadly faith” as one of the companies destroying the Earth. From polluting rivers, streams, groundwater and oceans, Bayer is responsible for countless of deaths which amount to crimes against humanity. This criminal company was allowed to manufacture and use bee-killing pesticides, then blamed the bee crisis on other causes; Farmers were exposed to harmful pesticides while Bayer made money by monopolizing drug prices.
Chronicled and well documented by Sam Greenspan, Bayer is one of the many companies which collaborated with the Nazi movement, along with Random House Publishing, IBM, Chase Bank, Standard Oil, Ford, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Siemens, Hugo Boss, Volkswagen and Kodak.
Somehow, somewhere, someone is getting paid to NOT prosecute these criminals.

2 thoughts on “Round-Up again”

  1. When they banned some pesticides in Canada (for the reasons you mentioned), I thought it was great. Too bad the people who hate dandelions just cross the border and keep on buying Round-Up. They care more about green grass than their dogs and their kids.

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  2. Glad to see you mention dandelion which is the plant I chose as a reference in my book. A dandelion is an edible plant, and people ignore that reality to poison their yard in order to get rid of it.


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