The vitamin deception

This is the latest article from the UK, by Rob Waugh,Yahoo News UK, on 04/10/2019.
[Most of us think of vitamins as an instant health boost, whether they arrive in the form of healthy food, as a booster in cereal, or in a pill bottle. But a 54-year-old man discovered to his cost that vitamins can seriously damage your health. After taking concentrated Vitamin D drops every day for more than two years, he seriously and permanently damaged his kidneys. Doctors were initially puzzled, but then realized a naturopath had prescribed the man a dangerously high dose of Vitamin D.
The man had also inadvertently chosen a supplement twice the strength of the one he had been prescribed. It left him with a dangerous build-up of Vitamin D and calcium in his blood – leaving him with kidneys with a seriously impaired filtration rate, Science Alert reported. Study co-author Bourne Auguste said, ‘He thought that vitamins are harmless. And his logic, which one can understand looking back, is that the more vitamin D I take, the stronger the bones will be.]
To everyone reading this: I covered that in 2015 in one of my books. THE VITAMIN INDUSTRY IS NOT REGULATED. Vitamins do not improve your health. But the Food and Drug Administration, which is tasked with keeping dangerous pills and powders off of store shelves, lacks the power to regulate the $37 billion vitamin and supplement industry. In other words, there is way too much bribes going around. As a result, tainted supplements send thousands of people to the emergency room each year.
On a personal note, a doctor wanted to prescribe some vitamin D for me to take, a few years ago. I laughed at him and walked out of his office.

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