We knew that already

An new article by Deena Shanker and Lydia Mulvany is just out and complement what we know already.
[(Bloomberg) — Consumers want “natural” meat—and the biggest meat companies want to sell it to them.
American shoppers are reaching for healthier, more environmentally and animal-friendly meat products, with 39 percent saying “all-natural” is the most important claim when purchasing red meat, according to a recent survey by Mintel. But there’s one problem: The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that when it comes to meat and poultry, the term “natural” means only that the product has no artificial ingredients and has been minimally processed.
Most animals raised for meat in the U.S. spend their lives in conventional indoor agricultural systems, routinely receiving antibiotics and sometimes growth promoters. While this isn’t what most consumers likely envision as “natural,” it’s a system that allows them to eat as much beef, pork, turkey and chicken as they want—no matter where they live or the time of year.
It doesn’t mean anything when it comes to antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. The pigs used for the products are often given antibiotics and are rarely allowed outdoors. Some of the natural ingredients used as preservatives in Natural Choice products are high in nitrates.
“It’s a massive attempt to manipulate and dupe the consumer to purchase something they have no intention to purchase,” said David Muraskin, a food project attorney at Public Justice and lead lawyer for ALDF.
Then there’s ractopamine, a drug that changes animal metabolism to make the meat leaner and heavier. The drug is banned in China, Russia and the European Union, and tests of its safety for humans are limited. In the U.S. and dozens of other countries, however, the drug is legal to use. American pork producers reduced their usage after China’s ban in 2011, since they look to that market for significant exports.]
We knew that already.

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