Setting the bar

As a former nine year old who knew everything, I can tell you that walking away from the natural order is never a smart move. The optimal harvest time for fruits lies somewhere between top sugar content of around 12 to 20% and the beginning of fermentation. There is a right time to harvest a fruit, in season. Pick it too early and it will not taste good, pick it too late and it will start to ferment and rot. Such is one reality of botany.
Another common sense fact, there is a reason for certain fruits and vegetables to be naturally available at certain times of the year; even it that doesn’t make any sense to the so-called most intelligent of the species. Instead of educating consumers about the natural way and seasonal harvests, the lure of making a profit takes agriculture on a daily charade to redefine flavor, aroma and nutritional values. In order to by-pass the natural way, companies gas and/or irradiate unripe fruits to make money. The natural way is shunned for the chemical nightmare of raping Nature.
Consumers, who want to eat fruits out of season, are the reason why tasteless fruits are produced all year. They don’t know or care what a specific fruit is supposed to taste like. They created a demand, and greedy companies were too happy to supply anything that may pass as the real thing. Taste, aroma and nutrition are sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Since real seasonal natural fruits have a very short shelf life, the new bland zombies are grown, year around, in greenhouses and picked way too early for the sole purpose of extending the profit window.
All fruits on a tree do not ripen at the same time, so it makes absolutely no sense to harvest the whole crop at once. Usually the fruits facing East will ripen first and will be sweeter.
Consumers need to know that fruits, which are allowed to ripen naturally, are fresher and tastier than out-of-season tasteless zombies; and these Franken-fruits have only 20% of the nutritional value of the tree ripen fruits. Most produce purchases are made by people more interested in eating a fruit by name rather than a real fruit with real flavor and natural aroma. That’s why we see crates upon crates of tasteless and dry tomatoes, apples and oranges with very little juice, limp and decaying greens, green and odorless pineapples. No amount of ethylene and acetylene gases, which induce ripening, can bring a natural flavor and life to these monsters. That’s why most of these crops end up in dumpsters and landfills.
The sad part of the deal is the fact that consumers, who decide to eat fruits out-of-season, also couldn’t care less that the fruits, they are paying for, were treated with cancer causing chemicals like Formalin. Is it worth wanting a mango in January?

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