Child Fund International

I was coming out of a toy store with my grandson when 2 individuals approached me. They were wearing t-shirts with the Child Fund logo. Since they engaged me, I decided to help them out.

Guy 1: Sir, would you like to help unfortunate children?

Guy 2: We provide help to needy children and people in third world countries.

I am shown a pamphlet with an emaciated black kid with the word “Africa” highlighted.

Me: What do you mean third world impoverished countries?

Guy 2: You know, poor countries like Africa.

Me: Can you give me some proof that Africa is poor? What made Africans poor?

Guy 2: Well colonialism, imperialism, and…

Me: why don’t we fix that first, then you won’t have to beg for money.

Guy 1: It’s only one dollar.

Me: That’s what I wanted to hear. All you want is one dollar, you don’t give a shit about poor black people.

Guy 1 and 2: ????????

My 3 year old grandson: Papa, these are bad guys.

Me: Yes, they are.

As soon I got home, I wanted to find out more about Child Fund International.
It’s a small world after all, (goes the song), I wrote about them and their spokesperson Sally Struthers in one of my books. Then I found this out, online:

[ChildFund’s commercials can almost be recited by rote: Alan Sader (or, conversely, Sally Struthers) toots around a third world hamlet, kneeling next to anemic skeleton-children, begging you to donate a few cents a day to sponsor these kids and save their lives. Melancholy piano music tinkles in the background while middle-class guilt is triggered nationwide.

ChildFund was known as Christian Children’s Fund from 1951 to 2009 (before that, it was China’s Children Fund). The name change, in this case, is seemingly due to the organization’s inconsistent attitude toward Christianity.
ChildFund is baffling in this regard, many devout Christian donors dislike the organization’s secular leanings, while others are uncomfortable with ChildFund’s occasional religious gestures.]

These wolves are still using the pictures of little black kids to enrich themselves, in a racist scam wrapped up in religion. I could smell the cesspool from 2 miles away.

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