Racist song 4

Stupidity teaches you to hate people you don’t know and to take credit for accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever.

After the Yankees suspended the use of Kate Smith’s recording of “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch over allegations of racism, the late singer’s family are speaking out. “She loved everybody,” said Suzie Andron, Smith’s niece. “Aunt Katheryn was probably one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She was certainly anything but a prejudice person, she loved everybody.”

After all, if they look deep, way deep, Kate Smith may have looked at a negro somewhere or had a black friend.

In light of the news story about Kate Smith, I would like to present more songs that represent the greatness of America. Shockingly, they all came from the same group of morons claiming to be the superior race. More than hatred, I see stupidity in the lyrics; the same ignorance that made slavery and lynching possible. The same ignorance we see today.

Enough said; judge for yourself.
Hogan’s song was recorded by the white performer Arthur Collins (who performed in blackface) in 1902 on the Edison Bell Winner label accompanied by Vess L. Ossman

All Coons Look Alike to Me

Talk about a coon a-having trouble
I think I have enough of ma own
It’s all about ma Lucy Janey Stubbles
And she has caused my heart to mourn
Thar’s another coon barber from Virginia
In soci’ty he’s the leader of the day
And now ma honey gal is gwine to quit me
Yes she’s gone and drove this coon away
She’d no excuse, to turn me loose
I’ve been abused, I’m all confused
Cause these words she did say

All coons look alike to me
I’ve got another beau, you see
And he’s just as good to me
As you, nig! ever tried to be
He spends his money free
I know we can’t agree
So, I don’t like you no how
All coons look alike to me

2. Never said a word to hurt her feelings
I always bou’t her presents by the score
And now my brain with sorrow am a-reeling
Cause she won’t accept them any more
If I treated her wrong she may have loved me
Like all the rest she’s gone and let me down
If I’m lucky I’m a-gwine to catch my policy
And win my sweet thing way from town
For I’m worried, Yes, I’m desp’rate
I’ve been Jonahed, and I’ll get dang’rous
If these words she says to me

(Courtesy: Library of Congress)

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