FBI in action

The news is out: [The FBI is currently investigating nearly 850 people across the United States as possible domestic terrorists, including many white supremacists and anti-government Americans, and U.S. authorities are seeing “a tide change” in social media companies trying to stop the spread of hate, the head of the FBI’s counterterrorism division told lawmakers Wednesday.
The testimony from FBI Assistant Director Michael McGarrity came less than two weeks after authorities say a 19-year-old California man launched a deadly attack on a synagogue outside San Diego, allegedly leaving behind a message online touting white supremacy and anti-semitism. Months earlier, another assault on a synagogue in Pittsburgh left 11 people dead.

McGarrity emphasized that “domestic terrorism“, often rooted in racially-motivated extremism, anti-government extremism or environmental extremism, is different than “homegrown” terrorism, which is inspired by international terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.]

I will repeat this until “to whom it may concern” gets it: Semite, Semitic, Semitism, anti-Semite, anti-Semitic and anti-Semitism are made-up words used by idiots.

Then, all McGarrity has to do is go back to school, preferably kindergarten. Domestic terrorism IS the same as homegrown terrorism. Or you may pinpoint it by saying “white supremacists”.

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