Time to get a room

The news is out: [(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump discussed trade and legal disputes with China in a telephone conversation Thursday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The two leaders talked about the negotiations with China as the U.S. readied a tariff increase from 10% to 25% on some $200 billion in Chinese goods, according to a statement from the White House.
They also discussed tensions in the Chinese-Canadian relationship, with Trump saying the U.S. was committed to assisting efforts to secure the release of Canadians detained in China.
Meanwhile, French finance minister Bruno Le Maire on Friday said that an escalation in the trade dispute between China and the United States posed the gravest threat to global growth and threatened jobs across Europe.
“There is no greater threat to world growth,” Le Maire told CNews. “It would mean that trade tariffs go up, fewer goods would circulate around the world … and jobs in France and in Europe would be destroyed.”]
When there is a disagreement between countries, instead of using innocent civilians as pawns, a universal law should dictate the solution to any problem must come from a fight between the leaders involved. Please allow me to explain: China and the US are dick waving about trade, so Xi Jinping and Donald Trump should resolve the issue in a chocolate pudding naked wrestling match. French finance minister Bruno Le Maire could take on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a bath of Soupe à l’oignon and Molson; the winner’s bare ass would be spanked by Trump.
The events could be televised worldwide, on pay-per-view, with the proceeds donated to me, to restore my sight.

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