Nothing but the truth

The news is out: [Prosecutors in Sweden reopened a rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a month after he was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and after a U.S. extradition request over computer hacking charges.
The decision complicates U.S. efforts to try Assange for leaking classified documents.
A sexual assault investigation into Assange was dropped two years ago because prosecutors were not able to continue their case while he was holed up in the embassy. It was reopened Monday at the request of one of the alleged victims.
Prosecutors in Sweden also renewed an extradition request for Assange, raising a competing claim to the U.S.’s. And it is not clear which extradition request will take priority, said Eva-Marie Persson, Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, during a news conference in the country’s capital, Stockholm.
One of the factors that would be considered is if the U.S.’s request is politically motivated and whether Assange would face the death penalty or be charged with additional crimes related to his publication of U.S. military and diplomatic secrets.
The stolen material, according to the U.S. Justice Department, includes 90,000 war reports related to Afghanistan, 400,000 from the Iraq War, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments and 250,000 State Department cables.
Assange maintains it was in the public interest to publish them because they reveal the behavior of the U.S. government and how it operates in foreign military adventures.]
Always tell the truth to everyone.

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