Drop that ground beef

The news is out: [The number of people sickened in the 10-state E. coli outbreak has grown to 196 cases, including 28 hospitalizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday. No one has died.
That’s up from the 177 people in 10 states the CDC reported on April 26.
The CDC, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and state officials continue to investigate E. coli O103 infections linked to ground beef.
Grant Park Packing of Franklin Park, Illinois, recalled an estimated 52,300 pounds of raw ground beef on April 24 and K2D Foods, doing business as Colorado Premium Foods, in Carrollton, Georgia, recalled more than 113,400 pounds on April 23.
According to the CDC’s most recent data, Kentucky has 69 cases, followed by Tennessee with 55 and Georgia with 49. Ohio is home to 12 cases, Florida five cases and Virginia two cases. Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Mississippi have one case each.
“Ill people bought or ate ground beef from several different grocery stores and restaurants,” the CDC said. “Many ill people bought large trays or chubs of ground beef from grocery stores and used the meat to make dishes like spaghetti sauce and sloppy joe.”]
Great job as usual by the useless CDC, USDA, FSIS, and state officials. Yeah right.

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