Drop that tomato

The news is out: [In a new study published in Nature Genetics, researchers including those from the Agricultural Research Service and the Boyce Thompson Institute have mapped the genome of the modern cultivated tomato as well as tomatoes that still grow in the wild. The team marked thousands of genes that were previously unknown, comparing the genomes of cultivated tomatoes with their wild relatives, and made more than a few interesting discoveries.
In comparing the cultivated tomatoes to their wild counterparts the researchers noted literally thousands of genes which were missing from the produce we typically find in our supermarkets. In the never-ending quest to develop plants that produce bigger tomatoes at a faster rate, growers seem to have inadvertently favored plants that also produce inferior-tasting fruit.
Based on their own testing, the researchers believe that the flavor-enhancing gene is only present in around two percent of modern store-bought tomatoes, but was found in over 90 percent of wild tomatoes.
Making cultivated tomatoes taste great again will take some time, but some careful breeding could bring back some of the important flavor-producing genes that the plants lost since they were first domesticated.]
No research is needed to find out why Franken-tomatoes grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones taste like crap. Companies do not need to worry about cultivating and bringing back some of the important flavor-producing genes that the plants lost since they were first domesticated, because there are countless of clueless consumers willing to buy the trash they offer now.
Tomatoes have been destroyed like so many other crops, and there is no end to the willingness of companies to follow Henry Kissinger’s stupid idea: “control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people”.
It’s surprising that the researchers failed to list the early harvesting of tomatoes and other fruits as one of the main reasons for the bland taste. Maybe they ran out of grant money.

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