Drop that egg

Do you know there’s a multibillion-dollar race to replace eggs?
The news is out: [(Bloomberg) – Egg whites are universally accepted as a healthy source of protein. But because they come from chickens, one could worry about animal welfare, the environmental damage wrought by industrial poultry and even Salmonella, since the Food and Drug Administration estimates that 79,000 Americans are sickened by tainted eggs every year.
Nielsen data show that traditional eggs are still a $7 billion business. Right now, the market for egg substitutes is largely limited to those used as a component in cooking, particularly baking. Until a consumer-friendly alternative is invented, a plant-based egg substitute that can be quickly used to make scrambled “eggs” or an “egg” sandwich, for example, the real egg market is unlikely to suffer.]
Let’s start with the sudden rash of recalls, move on with a bunch of lunatics trying to “prove themselves”, and stop at the insanity.
Have you noticed the platform given to the recall of eggs lately? It was all over the news. Yet, the agencies in charge barely talk about the ongoing chicken flu, or the diseased birds polluting the farms and markets.
Long ago, I wrote about a mad rich murderer who is a member of the American Eugenics Movement, like his father before him. Along with his wife, they continuously flaunt their “charities”, and being “philanthropists”. Deep down, they believe in reducing the world population because the Earth is too densely populated; they sponsored tainted vaccines to sterilize young women in order to control certain population (say India). Now they have immersed themselves in the creation of a replacement for egg.
Yup, all that noise is to make way for the new Franken-egg being worked on. The problem is: the crap they invented doesn’t taste like egg at all. So the geniuses working on the project, backed by money from the Eugenicist, found a way to still deliver the junk to you. They will hide it in cake or batter mixes and any other concoctions where eggs are an ingredient. They promise to keep working until they get their product closer to the original.
I couldn’t help but ask myself: “Did someone purposely destroy the world poultry stock in order to get a head up on the egg business?” Where the hell are the USDA and the FDA? All of a sudden, chicken are no longer wanted; we have scientists who can lay eggs.

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