Shopping with Ben

The news is out: [The Department of Housing and Urban Development broke the law when it spent about $40,000 in 2017 for a new dining set and dishwasher for Secretary Ben Carson’s office, according to the Government Accountability Office.
In a letter Thursday to Congress, the GAO’s general counsel said HUD broke the law when it obligated over $31,000 for the purchase of a dining set and nearly $9,000 for the purchase and installation of a new dishwasher and water treatment system.
Under law, federal employees are prohibited from spending in excess of an appropriation and an agency is restricted under law from spending more than $5,000 to furnish or redecorate an office without notifying Congress.]

Ben Carson is a man who knows where to find a few great bargain. I will ask for his help when I am ready to change my furniture. $31,000 for a dining set seems reasonable.
Nowadays, certain people can break any law, violate their oath of office and rape the Constitution; these are no longer considered illegal acts for some.

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