Biblical stupidity part 1000

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

Strolling through the Bible, we find that every verse of every chapter of every book exposes the true nature of God as a blooming genocidal moron. Now, let’s expose the bible for what it is: a book where words having to do with “killing” significantly outnumber words having to do with “love”.

We have reached BIBLICAL STUPIDITY 1000. There are plenty more to come.
Let’s reflect on what we have discovered so far. From birth, people, who should have been more concerned about our safety, engaged in our deliberate indoctrination and brainwashing. That’s why children are being raped in all denominations. Today, we find many, a legion of deceivers, who continue to spread the manure of the bible with one goal in mind: to enrich themselves. It’s never about saving souls; it’s always about securing fame and fortune. A bigger building with their name on it, living the material life, bragging about the bigger mansion, the expensive cars, the nice “threads” on their backs, the $5000 sneakers, the gold and diamond encrusted jewelry, the lavish lifestyle, the air conditioned dog houses, the personal airplane, the vacations to exotic places, the shopping sprees for the mistresses, the “tolerated” use of drugs, the service of hookers, are the real reasons for the season.
You proudly cross yourself with the “sign” and display a crucifix around your neck, because that’s what your parents did. As a loving child, you think monkey-see monkey-do is a way to show your love. The truth has never “crossed” your mind that it is a symbol of death and torture. Without thinking, you proudly confirm that you believe in a book that condones the rape of women, the enslavement of other humans, and worst of all, the slaughter of little babies. You learn to hate others, (discreetly), even those in your shared cave; and feel proud of the actions of your God, whatever they may be. Stupidity teaches you to hate people you don’t know and to take credit for accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever.
You wear your Sunday best to enter a building where shysters will polish your delusion. You surrender your brain and rejoice at the stale, inane, overused readings of killing, genocide, massacre, and the destruction of innocent people, without blinking. Your numb brain doesn’t react when you hear of atrocities perpetrated, even on children. Viagra would be useless at keeping up your 2 drunk brain cells fighting over the couch. Adding insult to injury, you reward “bullying and recounted tales of murder” by donating money to the crooks and thieves who know how to stroke your delusional brain. Nothing penetrates that thick head of yours when you hear about pregnant women being torn apart; the little light doesn’t flicker or come on when you hear about a God rubbing feces of the faces of his followers, or little children becoming food for their parents.
What you see and hear in church is nothing more than different demented versions of the dreams of sociopaths. Now you have 1000 reasons to start questioning what you have been forced to believe. The time to stand up is now. Start protecting little children, reclaim whatever is left of your life and stop supporting the biblical absurdities. Send a clear message to the idiots: if they want money, get a job like everyone else.

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