Biblical stupidity 1093

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

It is not my place to tell anyone what to do; however, it is my duty to warn everyone of any danger I see coming their way. When fighting delusional idiocy, it becomes imperative to expose the absurdities, lies, contradictions, cruelties, murders, genocide, crimes against humanity, perverted sex, inconsistencies and downright stupidity of Christianity.

Organized religion was originally a men’s club; it was not founded for women. Throughout time immemorial, the concept was maintained that women should stay the hell out of churches. Corinthians, Peter, and Timothy are extremely clear, very clear biblical orders from the Christian God (since the bible is his word) that women should shut up, be quiet and are forbidden to testify in church. With God, everything is possible to men only, it remains impossible for women to testify. The reason is quite simple: testify comes from the Latin TESTIS (plural TESTES) and describes an organ which the religious founders believe can be found only in a man’s anatomy, and not a woman’s. Therefore women, until they can produce these parts, are not allowed to “testi-fy”, otherwise preach or talk in the club. The origin of that belief comes from the practice, in ancient times, of men grabbing themselves (like blacks still do today), or each other’s testes, as a social sign of allegiance and greeting. (Phil Boucard)

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