Looking for suckers

It was bound to happen: someone found a new way to get rich. We all know that a bunch of scummy rats from criminal companies recklessly polluted the ocean with a lot of trash. Many years ago, there were reports of barges loaded with trash, being “towed” far away from the coastlines of western countries. The responsible parties got rich trashing the planet by dumping their garbage anywhere they wanted. They are still enjoying the money they made.
Now comes a corporation/ agency begging the average folks to contribute money to clean-up the trash. Here is their pitch:
[About this Giving Opportunity
Using advanced technologies, The Ocean Cleanup is developing solutions to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other areas where plastics pollute millions of miles of oceans. A full-scale deployment is expected to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every 5 years. You can help fund further research and scaling of this effort toward the goal of a plastic-free ocean by 2050.]
Why should I donate my money to clean-up someone else’s mess? They knew it was illegal, they still did it. Where are the elected officials who took the bribes and looked the other way? And not one of them was indicted or sent to jail for crimes against humanity; because they are members of the elite group which is above the law.

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