Biblical stupidity 1180

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

Not long ago, I wrote a post: “All Christians are idiots.” Well, here is another proof.

The news is out: [Houston-based Bible teacher Beth Moore, one of the most widely recognized evangelical women in America, has highlighted the issue of sexual abuse from her stage for years. With her thick Southern drawl, she has told audiences how she was abused as a child, often sliding her personal story into her larger message about Jesus.
As thousands of Southern Baptists prepare to arrive this week in Birmingham, Ala., for their annual meeting, many have expected for months that it would focus on questions of how to handle sexual abuse and coverups in their own churches. Moore is expected to be there, sitting on a panel on sexual abuse with several others, including the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
But in the run-up to the meeting, Moore has become a focus of attention. In a recent response to a tweet, Moore, who has nearly a million Twitter followers, teasingly suggested that she was planning to preach on Mother’s Day. Except, as is her practice, Moore did not use the words “preach” or “sermon” to refer to the talk she gave on the holiday in front of the congregation at Bayou City Fellowship, where her son-in-law is pastor and she is a member.
This one, among a number she has given under similar circumstances, was about the biblical story of Hagar, the Egyptian handmaiden of Abraham and Sarai.
The debate isn’t about what Moore said, but the idea that she would be “preaching” at all. Southern Baptist teaching prohibits women from holding the position of pastor but does not bar women from preaching in front of men. In reality, however, many Southern Baptists believe that women should not have authority over men, and that by teaching men, let alone “preaching,” they are exerting authority. So it is rare for Southern Baptist women to preach or teach the Bible in front of men during a traditional Sunday service.
I am compelled to my bones by the Holy Spirit — I don’t want to be, but I am -to draw attention to the sexism & misogyny that is rampant in segments of the SBC, cloaked by piety & bearing the stench of hypocrisy,” Moore tweeted last month.]
This is what I have been writing about all these years. Why must today’s women bowed to men who made up the religious crap in the first place? Why can’t they start their own version of religion? I suggest women start by writing a decent bible that makes sense. The present bible cannot be salvaged; there is way too much manure in it. Start from scratch. And for Pete’s sake, send me 10% of the donations.

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