Biblical stupidity 1262

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

The main feature of western religion has been a steady diet of misogyny for over 2000 years. Loaded with non-stop assault on women, Christianity has degradation of women at its core.

We live in a world so dysfunctional, that raping and fucking little children is up to debate. Many illegal acts are allowed and can be presented as a chance “for salvation”. None of these criminals will be indicted or see a day in jail. Thank you Jesus.

The news is out: [BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AP) Confronting an unprecedented sex-abuse crisis, delegates at the Southern Baptist Convention’s national meeting voted Tuesday to make it easier to expel churches that mishandle abuse cases.
The Rev. J.D. Greear, president of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, said the SBC faced a “defining moment” that would shape the church for generations to come. “This is not a distraction from the mission,” Greear said of the fight against sex abuse. “Protecting God’s children is the mission of the church.”
In an impassioned speech, preceded by prayers of lamentation, Greear blamed the crisis on years of cover-ups. He praised a new anti-abuse curriculum being offered to all SBC churches and seminaries, and he said the SBC must do better in screening potential pastors.
“Father, forgive us,” he prayed after calling out a litany of sins.
The Rev. Russell Moore, head of the SBC’s public policy arm, said the abuse crisis is a result of satanic forces at work in the church.
The SBC’s meeting comes as U.S. Catholic bishops convene in Baltimore to address a widening sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The Southern Baptist Convention says it had 14.8 million members in 2018, down about 192,000 from the previous year. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination in the U.S., with 76.3 million members as of last year, down from 81.2 million in 2005.]
Have you noticed that all these child molesters have the same mission to “protect God’s children”. Unfortunately, they cannot find any of God’s children, so they follow the bible and rape children.
Then, borrowing a page from pedophilia central, the SBC (SleazeBag Central) emulates the Catholic church by stating that the abuse crisis is a result of satanic forces at work in the church.
Read your bible, you filthy child molesters, and show me ONE verse in the bible where Satan fucked a child. Your God is the asshole who killed children and commanded his goons to do the same.
Let me remind everyone that children, as young as 3 year-old babies were raped. This is what you are supporting with your donations. You should be proud.

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