Do not impeach Trump

The news is out: [If Trump loses next November, he will return to private life, opening him up to criminal charges he was immune from as president. And former special counsel Robert Mueller has left a potential rap sheet in the form of a report with evidence that numerous legal experts argue constitutes criminal obstruction of justice.
So Democrats running for president are sure to be pressed on the loaded question: Will Trump face prosecution if you win?]

A sitting president is not “immune” from prosecution because NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. The presidency is a job position; Trump is an employee of WE THE PEOPLE and therefore can be fired for criminal offenses. And his contributions go well beyond the scope of impeachment.
To think that Trump can only be indicted after his term as president, is absolutely ridiculous; that’s why there is a presidential vice-president just like a Miss America runner-up. Should Trump not be able to fulfill his duties and oath of office at any point during his term, then first runner-up Pence must be able to take on the remaining time of service and all its attendant contractual obligations.
It’s amazing that, in a country overloaded with lawyers, the selected ambulance chasers who reached a congressional position are the dumbest ones. They are all on a job training program looking for bribes.
Forget impeachment, go for indictment, arrest and prosecution of a criminal president.

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