Concentration camps

The news is out: [Washington (AFP) – The chief US customs and border enforcement official is stepping down amid an uproar over the treatment of migrant children detained along the border with Mexico, US media reported Tuesday.
John Sanders will resign as acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) in the coming weeks, The New York Times cited a federal official as saying. In a copy of a message to employees published by Axios, Sanders said his resignation is effective July 5.
His departure comes amid mounting public backlash over alarmingly unsanitary conditions at an overcrowded migrant facility in Clint, Texas where the discovery of poor care and lack of access to showers or clean clothing prompted the relocation of 250 detained children.
U.S. government officials say they’ve returned more than 100 kids to a remote border facility where lawyers reported detained children were caring for each other and had inadequate food, water, and sanitation.]

If these immigrants were white, all the western nations would be mobilized, start working on an immediate solution after presenting the case to the world and begging for donations. But because they are still from a group considered 3/5 human, their plight becomes a slap in the face of the rule of law and another drop in the bucket list of crimes against humanity. The march of the mutations of Dravidian albinos continues.

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