Always at the wrong end

The news is out: [The sister of a legally blind man is speaking out after a South Carolina church turned him away for bringing a service dog with him.
On Sunday, Taylor Burch, 29, and his guide dog were asked to leave LowCountry Community Church in Bluffton, S.C. Tiffany Burch, Taylor’s sister, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the church claimed the venue is unsuitable for a service animal.
The sister said that she received a phone call on Sunday from her family, with her mother in tears and her brother distraught from his experience at the church.
According to a Facebook post, Tiffany wrote that a man wearing a church badge took her brother aside and told him that dogs aren’t.
07/03/2019 UPDATE: A South Carolina church announced on Wednesday that it will be changing its policy after denying a blind worshipper entry because he was accompanied by a service dog.
A representative from the church told Yahoo Lifestyle that its “no animals” policy was a mistake.
“While our policy was certainly legal, we now realize it was not sensitive, wise, or reflective of our heart,” their statement reads. “This Sunday, July 7, 2019, LowCountry Community Church will return to its original policy of warmly welcoming service animals and, more importantly, welcome their beloved owners.”]

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