Time to end tax exempt status

The news is out: [OGDEN, Utah — Lawyers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints appeared in court for a hearing on accusations that the faith pressured some of its clergy assigned to the prison not to testify in support of a death row inmate.
Doug Lovell has accused the faith of meddling in his case by telling a group of prison bishops they shouldn’t be character witnesses at his trial.
“It has been a focal point of this case,” Second District Court Judge Michael DiReda acknowledged as he began Friday’s hearing.
Three of the now-former bishops who were assigned to minister to the Utah State Prison’s maximum security unit ultimately testified on Friday. Only one suggested he broke ranks with church superiors to testify in support of Lovell.]
The time has come to end the tax exempt status when they get involved in anything outside of the business of the cults.

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